Many of you, who asked “How to shop the fabric market”, work in small to mid-sized fashion companies and need small yardage quantities of fabric. A small quantity of fabric is considered 500 yards or less and generally used for small lots, test orders, or special cuts for exclusive buyers.

Also, many of you, are fairly new to the industry or to fabric sourcing and want to learn more about the fabric market and how to shop the market.

We will also answers the question we are most-often asked: “Where do I start?” This is a “how to” guide for shopping the fabric market. 

We dedicate this section to all of you newcomers to the industry. We wish you the best of luck and great success in your endeavors, and say, “Welcome to the fashion industry! You will love it!” With all that said, let’s dive into the wonderful world of fabric sourcing.

Sourcing Basics

A step-by-step guide to apparel and sewn-product production sourcing for designers, product developers, entrepreneurs and new fashion companies sourcing production at trade shows and other industry events.

How to measure body dimensions

Illustrated and Written by Andrea Kennedy of Fashiondex.com