You have an idea for a new garment, apparel concept, clothing line or breakthrough product that doesn’t exist at retail, right? or…. You are a great designer and want to go out on your own? Well, if either answer is ”yes” and you hope to start a company and bring this new idea/garment/product to market—and are traveling to a trade show or sourcing event to research how to produce this idea/garment/product—then this book is for you. When designers or individuals, with an exciting new concept but little or no design experience, travel to an apparel production-sourcing show they often find themselves overwhelmed by the questions they-re asked by exhibiting booths. The booth personnel, usually representatives of the factory, ask the new designer specifics about their idea or product, and they may not have all the answers at the ready, or even understand all the questions. At Fashiondex, we have heard stories, such as this, countless times. The designer collects a business card with a factory brochure, leaves the booth and feels they are not ready to talk to other booths.

With these stories in mind, the information in this guide was assembled to help the new designer and entrepreneur, so they show up in each booth prepared with more than just a design idea. This should explain what you are looking for and how to provide the required specifics about your idea so a factory can determine if they can produce your product and advise pricing and the other specifications needed. This way you can determine which factory is best for you and your product.

To efficiently source production your idea must be clear and understandable to factories and reps. You must appear ready to manufacture (even if you’re not). This guide attempts to provide the basic details needed for production sourcing. The following subjects are covered: 

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  1. Randy Spicocchi


    I am seeking to find a trim used by a producer “The Great Adirondack” her name is Patricia (Patti) A. Subik. She uses a trim and calls it French Braid and sells this after she dyes it. I’ve been in touch with her and she referred me to the Jay Company in NY.

  2. Good evening, we want to buy that book which should have the contact details of sources for apparel fabric all over the world. the book with name “Apparel industry source book” is it so the book to satisfy our need ? how many pages and what are the countries covering the sourcing data. ?

    kindly advise

    also how can we buy this book on line

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