Looking Good: Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar and Fashion Startup Playbook

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DISCOVER HOW TO MAKE ROCKSTAR SALES & BECOME A SUCCESSFUL FASHION BRAND IN THIS REFRESHINGLY SINCERE PLAYBOOK, LOOKING GOOD. “You’re sitting on a goldmine of sales and fashion expertise people need!” Not wanting to keep it to herself, Daniella Platt is passing along the secrets to anyone on a quest to activate their dreams. How did you land that appointment and get that yes?How can anyone create a clothing line, without worrying about fit -- in 90 days?Why risk missing an opportunity? 

The Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar teaches how to deepen relationships, open doors, get your YES, and screw NO with small shifts that make big impact. Be in position to knock sales out of the park. And get your way for dinner too! Fashion, the industry, is enormous. Complex. And, personal. Where do you start? How do you grow? Whether you are a designer or yogi, you can have a collection. You just need guidance. The Fashion Startup Playbook speaks from the heart of a west coast fashion insider to simplify the process. From blanks to private label, wholesaling, production, tradeshows, market weeks, and more, break through the complexity - Bring your collection to life! Even sweeter is the treasure box of scripts, resources, stories, and secret strategies the author gives to boldly bring your vision to the world and make sure, you’re Looking Good! And, since her friends in the fashion industry asked for a juicy story, don't be surprised to find her journey, from JFK Jr. to a personal earthquake.

What others say? "You offer so much value that's hard to put into words." - Lindsey Le "Your writing is exquisite. You are the source of information." - Inga Goodman About Daniella Platt Daniella Platt is a multi-platform creator, business shifter and people connector. She hosts a monthly Tea & Creative Mingle for designers and brands to collaborate, offers workshops on How To Build A Fashion Empire, and the Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar. As the #1 in ad sales at the Apparel News, a Women Who Innovates storyteller, Fashion Mannuscript editor and ad agency alum, she has crafted 100’s of fashion and lifestyle campaigns earning her a respected place in the industry. Daniella has guided countless people to breakthroughs, awaken new ideas, exposure, and realign their message to shift their business and life.What are you creating? For a door opening script in your pocket, tips, connections, workshops, or to say HELLO.

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