The Fashion Designer's Sustainable Sourcebook

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The Fashion Designer's Sustainable Sourcebook

(A Guide to Eco and Slow Fashion Suppliers)
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The first directory of apparel industry suppliers who collectively want to help lessen the impact our industry is making on our environment. 

Geared to designers, manufacturers, merchandisers and buyers in the men’s, women’s, children’s, accessory, wearable tech and home fashion markets. 
This up-to-date guide lists nationwide suppliers of all types of fabrics, trims, yarns, services, manufacturers and more practicing sustainable production processes, including: organic, waterless, no-waste, recycled, compostable, non-toxic chemicals and eco-friendly in socially-responsible factories.

 Listings include:

  • Company name, address, phone, fax, email and website.
  • Sales manager's name.
  • Products they sustainalbly manufacture or sell.
  • Minimums for production.
  • Price points.
  • Markets they cater to and more.

The Fashion Designer's Sustainable Sourcebook  and is being manufactured with Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Certified Sourcing.

For suppliers and companies wishing to be included in the new Fashion Designer's Sustainable Sourcebook, please contact us to be considered. 


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