When sourcing production, do inquire about reorders. Reorders must be produced faster than first production orders. This is because if a store initially orders three dozen of an item, sells the three dozen in one week, then orders two dozen more– they will want that additional order as soon as possible. You’ll need to ship that merchandise very quickly. So whatever factory makes your production order, you can ask if they will be able to produce a reorder and what is the lead-time for reorders. Ask if they will be able to get the same fabric and trims again and how long will they take to deliver a reorder. And- very importantly- will a reorder be the same price as the initial order price? You should know these details in advance, so you can tell your customer our reorder policy. For instance, “Yes, we can fill reorders, and reorders take 15 days.” A small percentage of hopeful reorders should be added to your first production order, so any immediate reorders you can fill immediately.

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