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Since the Winter of 2018 we carry woolen fabrics couldnÕt be more regional. Under the name elbwolle™, an idea has grown in recent years into something very special. The background was the observation that the wool of many traditional sheep breeds, which are used in the Wendland as natural "lawnmowers" for dyke care, is not or not sufficiently used. Other countries, so the economically convincing explanation, are simply faster in the utilization of sheep Š but at the price that the natural rhythm of the shear is being adjusted and modified in ways that oftentimes arenÕt considerate of the sheepÕs wellbeing. Ute and Marcel start right here. TheyÕre only shearing their Gotland sheep twice a year, and they also collect sheep's wool from the Ark region on the Elbe, which they then knit into yarn, thick wool and, for the first time, into fabrics. For the region of Wendland thatÕs benefitial in multiple ways: elbwolle™ on the one hand creates new jobs and also protects old sheep breeds. The fact that the path from sheep to finished fabric taken together is just 900 kilometers long and that we were already able to visit the spinning mill in Brandenburg and the weaving mill in Bavaria makes the cooperation so important to us: It is the first regional project that weÕve attended and built up from scratch.

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