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Fabric Materials: 100% Cotton and Cotton Blends 100% Rayon and Rayon Blends 100% Polyester and Polyester Blends 100% Nylon and Nylon Blends Vegetable Fibers (linen, flax, corn, soy, etc.) Recycled Materials (polyester, cotton, etc.) Specialties: Artwork for Printing Concepts and Creation Original Design Ideas Home Sewing and Quilting Precuts Tropical Wear (Casual and Active Wear) Athletic Wear Fashion Final Implementations: Home Sewing/Quilting Home Furnishings Bedding Clothing Lingerie, Dresses, Blouses Shirts, Shorts, Pants Athletic Wear Performance Fabrics Accessories Bags Scarfs Hospitality and Uniforms Hospital Hotel High-Tech Fabrics Clean Room Fabrics Carbon Anti-Microbial Anti-Static

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