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Our Tencel™ fabrics have been with us since 2019 and are our answer to the huge demand for one of the most comfortable materials available today! The lyocell process used in the manufacture of Tencel™ is a very sustainable process that uses only two process steps and a non-toxic solvent, and 99% of the solvent and water used in the process can be supplied. Behind the great innovation of recent years is the Austrian company Lenzing. The company virtually does not know anything like "waste products": Almost all solvents and emissions can be recovered or dismantled. Water consumption in lyocell production is about 80% lower than in conventional cotton processing. And the things being created are really fantastic. Breathable, with better moisture absorption, antibacterial and bleach-free. It looks beautiful, is extremely high quality, falls perfectly and can, in turn, be recycled again to think the loop through to the end. Our Refibra™ qualities, which we once offer as knitwear and once as woven fabric, are another innovation from Lenzing. They combine traditional Tencel™ and cotton blends Đ creating a fiber that's not only wonderful in look and feel, but also makes an important contribution to the circular economy!

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