We mean it. Become great at juggling. If you plan to enter and succeed in this business of designing, sourcing, manufacturing, selling and shipping garments, then realize that as you are sourcing production, you’re selling what you are producing. And as you’re doing both those duties, you’re designing the next product, as well as arranging for shipments and distribution, writing new orders, approving lab-dips, sourcing trims, and more. You need to keep many balls in the air at the same time to be successful. You don’t want to concentrate so heavily on production that you don’t have any sales, or so much on sales and shipping that you don’t have any new products designed to ship next season. Also, start small –make small first production lots the first time. Small mistakes cost smaller amounts of money. If you make 1,000 garments and order yardage for 1,000 garments and you have only sold 250 pieces– then you’re out of business. Start small and let the factories grow with you.

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