Calle Al Matazano
       Contiguo al Plantel de Salud Publica
       Soyapango El Salvador
       Roberto Pineda Letona, President
        503 2297 0577       View Google Map
E-mail: e-mail
Description: Contractor of dresses, pants, sportswear & shirts.
Year Est: 1985
Categories: Sportswear, Uniforms, Pants
Markets: Girlswear, Womenswear, Menswear, Unisex.
Machinery: 180 single needle, 20 double needle, 8 multi needle, 90 safety stitch,
10 blindstitch, 15 button hole, 10 button sewing, 10 bartackers,
Specialties: Patternmaking, grading, marker making, plotter service, cutting
service, label printing, sewing (knitted & woven).
Packages: 807 & Full package.
Exporting to: United States
Minimums: 500 pcs.

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