Ngozi Okaro, Executive Director of Custom Collaborative, is an advocate for socio-economic justice who builds bridges in and between organizations and individuals to create opportunity and access. Her background also includes leading initiatives at National Urban League and its affiliates, INSEAD, Yale, and Phipps Neighborhoods.

Over the course of a career in social-sector leadership, Ngozi has led education, social justice, and community-based organizations to identify and meet their missions. She is expert at fundraising, strategic planning and operations, leadership development, and governance. Ngozi has special expertise in mapping and managing change for growth-stage enterprises.

Ngozi initially viewed Custom Collaborative as a way to serve two constituencies: fashion-industry workers who deserve fair compensation and thoughtful consumers who want quality clothes that fit the body well. Custom Collaborative has evolved to also work alongside designers who need sample-making and small-batch production services. Ngozi innately understands the challenges facing women who love nice clothes but whose bodies do not conform to ready-to-wear template — the majority of US clothing buyers.

Ngozi is known for her incisive reasoning and executable strategies -- gained through 15+ years of transformational strategy and management successes. She is a natural team-builder who advances organizations through revenue generation and cost containment, human capital development, and stakeholder engagement.

She is licensed to practice law in Louisiana and New York. Among other distinctions, she is certified by New York University’s Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising, was a 2014 Environmental Leadership Program Fellow, and is a graduate of the Coro Leadership New York program.

Ngozi is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and Morgan State University.

Ngozi Okaro

Custom Collaborative

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