Dimitri Koumbis has over 15 years of retailing experience, working in merchandising, management, and brand development for fast fashion brands such as Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters. In 2010, Dimitri left corporate retail to begin consulting, assisting small firms and start-ups in the areas of strategic planning and creative direction and design. During this time, Dimitri also began his career in academia, which after seven years, has enabled him to develop a unique, but successful pedagogy, publish several academic texts and articles and fulfill various academic administrative roles along the way. Currently, he is the Co-founder and Creative Director for Bishop Collective, a specialty boutique based in New York City. Bishop offers a highly curated collection of women's apparel, accessories, and home décor from emerging designers who advocate for stronger ethical practices within the retailing industry. Additionally, Dimitri is a lecturer of undergraduate and graduate level retailing and design courses at several schools in the tri-state area and sits on the Board of Directors for The Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts, a non-profit devoted to the expansive education in the culture and craft of clothing. Dimitri earned his undergraduate degrees in Interior Design and Design Management from Arizona State University and his Masters in Graphic Design and MBA from Savannah College of Art and Design and South University, respectively.

Dimitri Koumbis

Bishop Collective

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