Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics

Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics
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With over 500 step-by-step color photos and instructions in a user-friendly format, Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics is a professional guide to sewing with common knits and stretch fabrics such as jersey and spandex. Czachor explains the basics of working with knit fabrics and stretch woven fabrics, and how the stretch ratio impacts the design. The book covers industry methods for knit garment construction, including coverage of collars, facings, closures, bands and hems, waistline finishes, and pockets within respective chapters on t-shirts, tops and sweaters, dresses, skirts and pants, jackets, activewear, swimwear, and lingerie. The final chapter covers specialty techniques such as finishing details, embellishments, felting, and fabric manipulation.

Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics provides all the tools to professionally complete the garments and advance the designer's skill and understanding of the unique properties of knits and stretch wovens.


- Covers industrial and home sewing machines, overlock machines, and coverstitch machines, plus supplies, needles and threads used to construct knit garments
- Learning objectives, Sample Tip and Important boxes, key terms, sample exercises at different levels of complexity, review questions, and designer profiles in each chapter
- Includes a Fabric Form template and Sample Checklist to help readers develop their own resource book of sample techniques, swatches of knit, stretch, and stretch woven fabrics 


Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics STUDIO
- Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
- Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions 
- Access downloadable files for the patterns used to create the sewing samples throughout the text, the Fabric Form template, and the Sample Checklist

Teaching Resources
- Instructor's Guide and Test Bank includes sample syllabi, suggested projects, test questions, and evaluation guides

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