Table of contents

Before you start to source production for your new idea, garment or apparel collection, you will need:

Samples and/or Sketches
Fabric, Treatments and Trims
Thoughts on Who Is Your Customer and Where Your Item Will
Be Sold

Quantities…and Orders
Sales, Sales Reps…and Orders
Timing for Sales and Ordering




Learn the Lingo
Know the Services You Are Sourcing
Tech Packs
Production Pricing
Pricing Terms
Low-Minimum Orders
Where Should You Source?
Evaluate the Factory
Vendor Compliance
Placing an Order
Be Prepared for Reorders
Advice for Sourcing at the International Pavilions
Top-Secret Ideas
Last Lesson…Learn to Juggle
Additional Information


We published this 16 page booklet to assist all new designers and entrepreneurs sourcing apparel production for the first time.

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